About Us

We’ll help you develop trade journals based on technical analysis, using technical studies from your charting method to establish criteria for entering and exiting a position. We assist traders who would like to develop their trading strategy and trade with a well-structured plan. Since trading is full time and analysis intensive work, developing a methodology for doing this, has always being helpful in this industry to help reduce stress and bad trade decision making.  Our business is based on trend following. This starts with spotting a trend and riding it for at least 80% of the whole trend.

Our services will facilitate you as you learn what works for you in spotting profitable opportunities. You can also keep a record of this to help you in your future trade decisions. It is also good practise to stick to whatever works for you. If you develop a strategy that works for you, we can help you turn it into a decision logic that you can programme and you can use in your automated trading platform. Our service is meant to help you preserve your capital, so that you can take advantage of profitable opportunities when they present themselves.

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