Our educational service offers training to traders or aspiring traders with little or no trading experience to help them build their confidence in the market. At the end of our full training course, new traders will develop their own trading strategy which will assist them to structure a reusable trade journal that can be used repeatedly in their trading life.

We offer five stages of full training during the course:

  • Understanding orders, order placing and what orders are made-up of. Allocating capital resources to each trade based on your account size.
  • A to Z of Technical Analysis and how to use them. Identifying lagging and leading indicators and how to combine them for trend spotting and profitable trade decision making.
  • Creating trade journals and your own dashboard for trading decision making, using Microsoft excel.
  • Pivot point analysis, how it works and how to use it.
  • Trading decision making and risk managing in trading.
  • Market psychology/ psychology in trading.


Every trader should apply the use of trade journal in their trading decision making. A trader would create three types of journals for effective trading experience for making educated trade decisions.

  • Firstly, you will create a watch-list, which will contain vehicles (symbols) you will like to trade, based on strong fundaments and some technical criteria
  • The second journal is a selection of vehicles (symbols) which are about to move in a direction based on a set criteria being met. This is called an awaiting trigger journal. You should have a notification method for updates.

The last journal is the one you always monitor for exit criteria or sudden reversal in the market, because

Tip Sheet

This service is built on George Soros’, business magnate and one of the worlds most successful investors,  ideology and philosophy which says:

 “Trading is not about winners or losers, but about winning big when you win and losing little when you lose”.

This service is structured with a risk management approach at the heart of it. The tip sheet is made up of the “Entry Price”, “Stop loss” and “Target Exit Price”. These prices of interest are generated using our own in house trade journal for analysing trends with set technical criteria, with a combination of pivot point analysis and specific candlestick patterns.

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