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The world of trading and investment can be daunting. You may be thinking seriously of investments but are wary because you lack the technical knowledge and experience and whilst you know the rewards are there so are the risks. Market Trend finder sole purpose is to equip would be investors with the tools to confidently enter the world of investment and trading. Market Trend Finder has developed methodologies to equip you as you professionally navigate this complex but highly rewarding market.

Our website is for serious Day Traders and Swing Traders, who want to take advantage of the short term movements in the Money and Capital Market. This website is purely for technical traders and chartist, all analysis is based on quantitative methods. Although, our methodology will be of help to fundamental traders for entering and exiting a position.

Trade decisions are not made by accident they are managed with technical studies and statistical information from the financial markets. We are able to set sound technical criteria that a vehicle must meet before successful trade decisions are made and implemented.

Should you have any queries relating to anything that you have read please Contact Us using the link above.

We work with three professional journals;

     ·   Watchlist with market scanner, with set technical criteria. This will help you spot beginning trend and trend reversal.

     ·   Awaiting trigger based on your chosen technical criteria. These are trades waiting for all their technical criteria to be met.

     ·   Active Trades or Open positions. These are trades that you are already in and you’re waiting to exit from or to reach your target price.



Our educational service offers training to traders or aspiring traders with little or no trading experience to help them build their confidence in the market. At the end of our full training course, new traders will develop their own trading strategy which will assist them to structure a reusable trade journal that can be used repeatedly in their trading life.


Every trader should apply the use of trade journal in their trading decision making. A trader would create three types of journals for effective trading experience for making educated trade decisions.


This page displays our monthly trading performance on concluded trades or positions that have been exited. Please, do not make any trade decision based on information on this page, because these are all past events, the trades has been closed and are no longer live or active.

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